About us

About us

DFT is a full-service logistics company focusing on the transportation of people and equipment along the gulf coast in support of the Oil & Gas Industry. We offer a competitive turnkey solution to help our customers move people and equipment not only efficiently but safely. We will also specialize in industrial cleaning of warehouses, vessels, and industrial office buildings.

DFT custom tailors our services to match our customer’s requirements. Our customers can book directly online with our web-based marketing initiative rather than calling our dispatch office. We will respond with a “right now” tempo at all times to keep up with the fast-paced industry we operate in.

Our main objective is to be the preferred one-stop-shop logistics provider on the Gulf Coast that our customers will come to depend on. We want to build lasting relationships built on trust and respect.

At DFT, we are helping bring energy to the world.


Our vision at DFT is to help our clients, major oil & gas providers, and large service companies, provide energy to the world while creating jobs, adding value to the communities we serve, and making profit for the company.

Mission statement

To serve the greater good by bringing together people and resources to create value that no single individual can build alone. Therefore, we will seek a course that will enhance the value that DFT can create for society over the long term. We recognize that our decisions can have far-reaching consequences that affect the well-being of individuals inside and outside the enterprise, today and in the future. As we reconcile the interests of different constituencies, we all will face difficult choices.

Therefore, we promise to:

Always act with the utmost integrity and ethically pursue our work.

Always understand and uphold, both in letter and in spirit, the laws and contracts governing our conduct and that of our customers.

Continuously develop our employees, managers, and subcontractors so that our profession and company continue to grow and contribute to the well-being of society.

Strive to create sustainable economic, social and environmental prosperity.

Always be accountable to our peers, as they should be held responsible by us to uphold this mission statement.

Create controlled sustainable growth without sacrificing the quality of our services or products while maintaining the highest ethical standards possible.



Create a culture that promotes safety for our employees and the people we serve


Exemplifying upright, trustworthy behaviors with all we do and everyone we serve


Treat everyone with respect and dignity regardless of their position or title, age, sex, or nationality